Strategy and action plan.

We have an opportunity to put the state firmly on the global map and become leaders in entrepreneurship, particularly in rapidly growing future industries such as space, defence and cyber security

To do this, we need to create an environment that gives current and aspiring entrepreneurs the courage and the power to activate their ideas. We need to provide guidance and direction, but we also need to encourage them to take risks and have a go.

We want to:


• accelerate South Australia’s economic growth and prosperity
• recapture the entrepreneurial spirit that founded and built South Australia
• see more South Australians becoming ambitious successful entrepreneurs
• attract more interstate and overseas entrepreneurs and future industries to invest in South Australia.

This action plan was developed in partnership with the entrepreneurship community. We are thankful for all the experiences and ideas that were contributed. We embrace our diversity and our differences and celebrate the values that unite us in contributing to the growth and prosperity of our state.

The actions in our plan are all strategically linked to our overarching objectives to INSPIRE, EQUIP, ENABLE and CELEBRATE entrepreneurship in South Australia.

Some of these actions include:

• Launch The Startup Hub@Lot Fourteen featuring 650 work spaces where individuals with ideas can work to start and scale successful businesses.

• Establish the Australia Cyber Collaboration Centre at Lot Fourteen.

• Establish the FIXE Network, a hub and spoke business concierge service in partnership with key organisations.

• Support the establishment of active angel investor networks to invest in more early-stage investments in South Australia.

• Grow the annual SouthStart conference into our region’s premier startup festival.

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