We want to inspire more people to embark on this journey. We want those with imagination and initiative to take a leap, to bring their ideas to life and to build and grow their businesses.

Jim Whalley
South Australia's Chief Entrepreneur

FIXE is supported by the Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur and lead by the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board.

The Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur provides a new model for entrepreneurship in South Australia, offering people with imagination and initiative the opportunity to bring their ideas to market and build businesses that can go global.


The board, including the Chief Entrepreneur Jim Whalley, will provide high level, independent advice to the South Australian Government to help develop the future industries for our state. It will also help grow and mature our startup and scale up companies that drive the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. 


The Office works collaboratively with businesses, researchers and investors to facilitate connections, provide advice and position South Australia as a destination for entrepreneurship and innovation.


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Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship Advisory Board


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